It seems like I have always enjoyed being around and working with kids. In my teenage years I used to help coach kids in T-Ball in the summers, now I coach kids in soccer. At one time I used to be called a kid magnet as I would somehow manage to collect a crowd of kids around me at the various place I went. I also enjoyed going to Bible camps as a helper – again working with kids. Maybe that's why I now have seven kids of my own, maybe thats what made puppetry so enjoyable.

     I could say it started in the 80's when I was introduced to puppetry. That puppetry eventually made its way into a blog I call Pupperville Ponderings. More can be said about how my puppets developed but you can find that on my Pupperville Ponderings Blog.

     I could also say it was in the 80's when I was introduced to Creation evidences through a video series featuring Ken Ham and Gary Parker. Over time I learned that evidence for creation is part of something bigger called “Apologetics.” Since that time I have managed to collect VHS's, DVD's and books on the various aspects of apologetics. I've also collected many audios and videos from the Internet on the subject and follow various websites, blogs and Facebook pages.

     I'm not sure when the seeds were planted, but for sometime now, I've been wondering how I could bring these three things together. During the summer of 2014 a couple things took place that spurred me on towards creating PupperPologia.

     The first thing was a local group working to get a booth started at the local county fair based on creation, the second was a series of messages I heard at a rally based on a person's “SHAPE” which could be summed up in the idea of what is God's plans for you / what can you be doing for God to show Him to those around you.

     With a rejuvenated effort to get my idea of combining the three (kids, puppets and apologetics) together, I knew I wanted a catchy name. After looking at several Bible verses on the subject and thinking of the different names other blogs or web sites use, and knowing I wanted “puppets” or Pupperville” somewhere in the title, the idea came to me to take “Pupper” from “Pupperville – which is the name I created for the town where my puppets live” and “Pologia” from “Apologia – which is the Greek word from which we get the word “Apologetic.” Hence, the name of this blog, “PupperPologia”

     It may take time for everything to fall in place as I work to create puppet stories that incorporate apologetics but in the end, may God use these efforts to encourage others for Him. There are many resources already to be found on the Internet and I'll link to them from time to time as well.

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